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What's an English/Irish girl doing living in Florida, and how did she get there?   She’ll tell you about it sometime over coffee & dessert - Mr. Cooki came with yummy dessert recipes!  Cooki isn’t spending days on the beach that's for sure.  Nope, you're more likely to find her feeding chickens, goats, ducks, dogs, and cats, working in the vegetable garden (or watching Mr. Cooki working while she supervises…), writing, and reading.  In her other life, Cooki is a teacher who works with special needs children. 

Happy I Love You Day

For Mom's, Mr. Mom's, Grandparents...

...and anyone else raising children, or who have taken care of anyone, adult children taking care of parents, spouse taking care of another spouse or anyone in the role of caretaker. HAPPY I LOVE YOU DAY!

I teach middle school students with special needs and several of the children have no biological mother in their life so I decided not to do anything for mother's day!




at the last minute (seems like I can operate better that way) I realised I ought to do something to honor the mother figure in the lives of these children.

Happy I Love You Day 
Was Born

Some of the children have had a biological mother die due to an illness, or perhaps they have no biological mother due to choices they made, so the children were
Read more: http://bjc.hubpages.com/hub/Happy-I-Love-You-Day




























 Our families are important to us!  Share what you do in the summer to have fun and stay SANE!


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